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D. Green: ‘Gravitational Pull’ Latest Single

Gravitational Pull by D. Green art cover

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D. Green, originally from NYC and now based in LA, is a talented artist who continues to make his mark in the music industry. He has worked on various projects and EPs, collaborating with notable figures like Skyzoo, DJ Green Lantern, and even opening for J. Cole. His latest release, “Gravitational Pull,” is a beautiful blend of groove, R&B, and a touch of pop. Clocking in at 2 minutes and 37 seconds, this track creates a soothing and immersive musical experience.

With soulful vocals and well-crafted instrumentation, including a captivating guitar melody and perfectly timed drum rolls, each bridge and chorus is accentuated. Opening with instrumentation akin to the rich stylings of Bruno Mars’ “Leave the Door Open,” the track maintains a gentle tempo, beautifully harmonizing with D. Green’s soulful vocals.

The heartfelt refrain, “I can’t move, I want you,” captures the song’s romantic essence. “Gravitational Pull” was released on 20/10/23 and has quickly gained attention in the music scene. D. Green has an extensive musical repertoire beyond this release, offering a diverse range of tracks for listeners to explore and enjoy.

This track enclose a fascinating blend of genres, beckoning listeners to dig into D. Green’s musical world. Follow D. Green on all social & streaming platforms for more of his upcoming projects.

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