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Mama! There Goes That Band: ‘These 3 Words’

These 3 Words

Mark Drummond, Sidney Howard, and Aljay Boyd found their musical roots. Post-college, they
embarked on individual endeavors, crafting music for both themselves and other talents worldwide.
In 2015, these three talents came together again, joined by fresh band members, giving birth to
Mama! There Goes That Band.

Their latest creation, “These 3 Words,” initially conceived as a heartfelt love ballad, took a captivating
twist. Drawing inspiration from the vibrant Afrobeat genre, the band seamlessly interwove its
energetic rhythms with a dash of Caribbean vibrancy. The result is a track that boasts a rich sonic
tapestry, a danceable fusion of cultures, and an unmissable groove.

The song’s lyrical core rests in its poignant lines: “Thought I need you there for the way that you care,
you are my everything.” These words convey the depth of emotion that often accompanies matters of
the heart. The vulnerability and sincerity in the lyrics resonate powerfully, encapsulating the universal
sentiment of needing and cherishing someone who provides unwavering care and support.

Mama! There Goes That Band’s adept musicianship shines brilliantly in “These 3 Words.” The
convergence of their diverse musical backgrounds, along with the infusion of Afrobeat and Caribbean
influences, results in a track that defies categorization. From the moment the music starts, listeners
are enveloped in a mesmerizing blend of rhythms, carried along by the song’s pulsating beats and
infectious melodies.

The production quality is undeniably top-notch, each instrument playing its part to perfection,
contributing to the song’s overall allure. The vocals, delivered with sincerity and a touch of soul, add
another layer of depth to the composition, emphasizing the song’s emotional core.

Wrapping up, “These 3 Words” by Mama! There Goes That Band featuring Wuddy B and The
Blaquenex, is a triumphant testament to the band’s musical prowess and innovative spirit. With its
eclectic blend of genres, magnetic rhythms, and heartfelt lyrics, the track captivates from start to
finish. Mama! There Goes That Band’s ability to seamlessly merge different musical traditions and
create a cohesive sonic experience is truly commendable. This song is not just a musical journey but
an embodiment of emotions and a celebration of artistic fusion that will undoubtedly leave an
indelible mark on listeners.


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