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The Dancing Pink Flowers by Jordana Delgado soundtrack cover art

Jordana Delgado: “The Dancing Pink Flowers” New Single

Follow JORDANA DELGADO via: Jordana Delgado, a highly regarded pianist, composer, and singer-songwriter bids farewell to spring with her latest creation that is set to capture the attention of global audiences. Introducing “The Dancing Pink Flowers” – an original piano piece featured in her upcoming EP titled “Seasons,” which takes listeners through nature’s evolution throughout…

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GOGOWÉ's latest song LIKE A PIANO KEY cover art


DC-based Nigerian independent artist and musician GOGOWÉ follows up on her 2023 singles ‘Counterfeit’, showcased on Editorial playlists; and “I Could Fall” with her distinct lush vocals and finely crafted harmonies, with the vibrant release of ‘LIKE A PIANO KEY’. This latest offering, written, rapped, and sung by Gogowé, captures the essence of combating anxiety…

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Midnight Alkhemy releases 'Lies'

Midnight Alkhemy: ‘Lies’ Latest Single

Midnight Alkhemy is an electrifying rap group that fearlessly explores the depths of human emotions and experiences. With their latest single, “Lies” acts as a reflective prism, refracting harsh light onto Khwezi’s once cherished relationships. Peel back the layers, and a stark truth emerges—Khwezi’s potential incited silent competition, igniting insecurities in supposed friends. Now armed…

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Ill Francis Dolla Bill 'Lost American'

Dolla Bill: ‘Lost American’ Latest Release

Introducing Will Francis, aka Dolla Bill, a talented music artist hailing from Smithfield, NC, USA. He’s known for his original rock, singer/songwriter, and hip hop/rap music. Currently, Will is releasing singles, building his catalog, and rehearsing an exciting live set that features both original tracks and some amazing cover material. His latest release, “Lost American,”…

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