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‘Mountains of the Moon’ EP by Cassava Groove Temple, Out Now!

Cassava Groove Temple (CGT) Mountains Poster


Cassava Groove Temple’s “Mountains of the Moon” is your first-class ticket to a global soundscape. This eclectic collective, featuring musical collaborators from across the UK, Sweden, Uganda, and Ukraine, brings a unique blend of international influences to their debut EP.

“Mountains of the Moon” isn’t just another electronica record. It’s a genre-bending exploration that seamlessly blends elements of ‘drum n bass,’ jungle, and Afrobeats. The result is an infectious energy that will have you moving from the very first beat.

Cassava Groove Temple (CGT) Mountains Cover

The ending track (likely titled “Mountains of the Moon” based on common naming conventions for EPs) sets the tone perfectly. A driving bassline lays the climax while swirling synths and intricate percussion create a hypnotic soundscape. The beauty lies in the details: a hauntingly beautiful flute melody, perhaps an echo of their BBC Introducing-played track “FluteCake,” adds a touch of mystery, while field recordings of raindrops or birdsong connect the music to the natural world. This track is a masterclass in building tension and release, keeping the listener engaged with its dynamic shifts.

Recorded entirely in their own studio, Cassava Groove Temple is more than just sonic fireworks. There’s a sense of respect and exploration woven into the music. The traditional and the futuristic coexist in perfect harmony, creating a sound that feels both timeless and innovative.

While the full EP, an instrumental masterpiece, is only four tracks long, it leaves you wanting more. “Mountains of the Moon” is a vibrant introduction to a band with a truly unique voice. If you’re looking for an album that will challenge your expectations and transport you to new sonic landscapes, this is a must-listen.

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