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Dean F Grein’s “Standing in the Mississippi Rain”: Soulful Melody

picture of Dean F Grein for his song Standing in the Mississippi Rain

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Dean Grein, an artist based in Napa Valley, CA USA was originally from Biloxi but had to leave due to Hurricane Katrina. Despite surviving the natural disaster and serving as a Registered Nurse for 40 years afterward, he never lost his passion for music. Now retired and ready to showcase his songwriting skills on a larger scale, Dean has already written 17 songs with many being released such as “Lookin’ For A Girl”, “Frisky”, “Cowboy Facing Sixty”, and more.

With one song currently in production awaiting release soon; Dean is passionate about working with producers and professional singers who can bring out the best versions of each track’s lyrics. His latest single ‘Standing In The Mississippi Rain’, stands out among them all not just because it showcases country blues vibes perfectly through narrating its compelling story well but also having excellent instrumentation throughout which thrills anyone listening wholly to soundscapes that they end up feeling entirely immersed within minutes of listening!

The song was produced by Larry Magee in a home recording studio. Vocals are provided by Sam MacGregorIt’s easy losing oneself while enjoying this beautiful tune by Dein Grelin given how convincingly lyricism blends together ensuring that both musicianship plus storytelling capabilities align creating pure magic in every beat drop or rhyme shift – making listeners crave evermore productions like these coming from him soon enough..

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