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‘Lost Sun’ by Charlie Brown: An Electronic – Chillout Music

Lost Sun by Charlie Brown song's cover art


Charlie Brown, an exceptional and promising songwriter, has recently launched his new single named “Lost Sun.” The song was impeccably recorded in a home studio situated in Southampton where every part of it including the playing, recording, mixing as well as mastering were carried out solely by Charlie Brown himself.

Picture of Charlie Brown

Influenced primarily by Ben Bohmer, Four Tet, Bonobo Hot Chipand Caribou; this is his second release from his latest personal project that goes with the same name “Charlie Brown”. This interesting piece starts off with beautifully played piano sounds while showcasing mind-blowing instrumental artistry throughout its entirety.

This summer-themed deep house track is the perfect poolside accompaniment. Originally composed during the pandemic, it reflects on the lost opportunities to make memories but its relaxed vibe allows for flexible interpretation. Despite not being an avid fan of electronic music, I can attest that this particular song is exceptional.

Its release was motivated by a healthier approach to creating and performing music which recognizes how stressors like maintaining their image or constantly generating content can negatively impact young creatives’ well-being – something Charlie Brown aims to counteract with his latest single’s emphasis on mental health and self-care. If you’re in search of great electric instrumentals then let “Lost Sun” be your guide; available now across all media platforms!

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