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Jordana Delgado: ‘Somewhere in My Memory’

"Somewhere in My Memory" by Jordana Delgado cover artwork

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In Vancouver, BC, Jordana Delgado, a celebrated pianist, composer, and singer-songwriter, has brought forth a mesmerizing new release, promising to captivate global audiences with the holiday spirit. Building on the success of her October 2023 single, “Autumn Leaves,” Jordana now unveils her latest masterpiece – an emotive piano instrumental cover of the Oscar-nominated “Somewhere in My Memory,” originally composed by John Williams in 1990 for the movie “Home Alone.”

Jordana’s musical talent is deeply rooted in nostalgic sentiments, permeating her compositions. With “Somewhere in My Memory,” she leads her audience on a journey down memory lane, evoking childhood recollections. Her evocative storytelling skillfully conveys the enchantment and innocence of Christmas, rekindling a childlike perspective within her listeners.

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This homage to her beloved late aunt, who cherished “Somewhere in My Memory,” was initially shared as part of a series of piano arrangements on her YouTube channel in June 2021. Professionally recorded and now available on major streaming platforms, Jordana’s rendition captures the intimacy of a small upright piano in her home studio, courtesy of the expert assistance of Akashic Records for recording, mixing, and mastering.

Jordana Delgado’s previous accomplishments include “The Rainy Times Story,” a 9-episode short film complementing tracks from her debut album, which has amassed over 430k views on YouTube. Her earlier single, “Autumn Leaves,” was also featured on CBC radio, Canada’s top radio station, in November 2023.

“Somewhere in My Memory” has become available on major streaming platforms as of November 24th and is set for inclusion in an upcoming EP scheduled for spring 2024. Excited about this release, Jordana expressed;

“I’m over the moon about this release because it is not only my first Christmas single but it also holds a special meaning: I know someone will be smiling from heaven.”

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