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Thalerg: ‘It All Happened So Fast’ New Release

It All Happened So Fast


THALERG is a songwriter born in Lyon (France) at the end of the 60´s with a passion for music from an early age. In his ears? Lots of classical music but also English pop, from The Cure to U2 via Depeche Mode, Radio Head, David Bowie, The Beatles, The Queen or, even later, American Motown music.

THALERG started classical piano at the age of 9 and started composing music very early. Around the age of 24, although contacted by a record company interested in his songs “Jetable” (« Disposable ») and “No Noces” (No wedding), he made the decision to choose another path away from music after studying political science.

However, he never gives up music and continues to compose songs. When he sings in French, he is inspired by the greats of French song: Gainsbourg, Bashung, Polnareff… There follow titles where he performs his own lyrics: “Manifs”, “Val-D’isère”, “Time” or more recently “Péguy Disco”. Sometimes he calls on other lyricists: “L’avion” (the plane) or “Laissez-passer” (the pass) for examples.

But THALERG decided towards the end of the 2010s to no longer sing his songs himself (he is not a singer but a composer). He devotes himself to a new exercise: to remain the main member of the THALERG project while gravitating to external collaborations.

Thalerg also begins to write in English and especially at the beginning with the rhythms of Mowtown that make him vibrate or orchestral compositions for which he begins to collaborate with performers in different countries. The result? It is in this context that he conceives the “Thalerg Collaborative Project.” In 2022, THALERG returns with a title more “Dance” than ever: “We Are Them (Dance Version)”. Taking up the classic codes of R’n’B and female voices of the 90s, THALERG takes a groovy turn
with this single!

The human condition, exorcising the ills of our society by bringing a touch of entertainment through universal themes, is THALERG’s credo.
At the beginning of 2023, he released a new version of a tribute to James Bond film credits that
he composed in 2020: “My James B. (Radio Edit)”. His last release was “In my Mind” in June

THE SINGLE “It All Happened So Fast”

The new single of Thalerg is featured by a talented Nigerian male singer session. The idea for this song came to him while looking at a forgotten album of old family photos. He looked at all these beings, some of them missing, whom he had loved, known for a time or simply crossed paths within his life. He measured with horror all this time already passed and he thought of all these “first times” during his life.

They were the pure look, the look of innocence on people, landscapes, the first new emotion in the face of beauty, success, the first kiss but also the first betrayal, the first great sadness, … And our whole life, itself, is only a first time.

On a formal level, this song tries to tell all this with simple words and the repetition of “It all happened so fast” which, like what the song describes, embodies these repetitions which end up blunting our emotions. Thalerg chose a style of music half soul and half pop which seemed to him adapted to express this state of mind with a rhythmic music, at the same time current by the way of singing and classic. But by its music which operates a kind of synthesis between different styles to end on a much more rock colour with big guitars, the song also invites you to travel in time.

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