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Ari Joshua: ‘Country Stroll’ Single and Video Is A Celebration of Life

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With his latest single, “Country Stroll,” award-winning guitarist and composer Ari Joshua pays homage to Americana while pushing his jazz-infused style forward. By enlisting legendary Medeski Martin & Wood members John Medeski and Billy Martin, Joshua creates an instrumental journey that traverses genres with technical precision and playful spirit.

The song kicks off with Joshua’s warm guitar tones and artful snare work, conjuring up pastoral images fitting for a leisurely walk in nature. The melody soon wanders into neo-ragtime before Medeski’s B3 organ enters with a swirling psychedelic solo. Joshua responds with some Western swing improvisation, showing his fluency across the American idiom. Martin closes out the track by showcasing his rhythmic mastery of the drum kit.

Country Stroll: A Must Listen

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Beyond the musicians’ interplay, the recording quality from engineers Chris Bittner and Ari Raskin gives the overall sound a crisp hi-fi polish. Add in artwork from painter Paul Delaney, and “Country Stroll” stands out as a holistic creative statement.

As the third single from his collaboration with Medeski and Martin, Joshua continues expanding his musical voice both compositionally and technically here. The song’s genre fusion highlights his passion for breaking conventions and organically blending styles into his own flavor. Fans of forward-thinking instrumental music will find a rewarding listen.

“Country Stroll” is a celebration of the natural world’s beauty and the basic pleasures in life, as Joshua puts it. This song energizes the listener with its positive vibe and creative synergy.

By channelling his many influences into an engaging narrative, Ari Joshua shows his evolution as an artist on “Country Stroll.” The cameos from jazz legends John Medeski and Billy Martin simply add gravitas while letting Joshua’s musical vision shine. At nine albums deep into his recording career, Joshua proves he still has surprises up his sleeve.

Available on all major streaming platforms, Country Stroll is your ticket to a joyous, foot-tapping escapade. Trust us; your ears will thank you!

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