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The Dancing Pink Flowers by Jordana Delgado soundtrack cover art

Jordana Delgado: “The Dancing Pink Flowers” New Single

Follow JORDANA DELGADO via: Jordana Delgado, a highly regarded pianist, composer, and singer-songwriter bids farewell to spring with her latest creation that is set to capture the attention of global audiences. Introducing “The Dancing Pink Flowers” – an original piano piece featured in her upcoming EP titled “Seasons,” which takes listeners through nature’s evolution throughout…

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Who Is Gonna Rescue You by Tracy Eckstrand EP cover art

Come Around By Tracy Eckstrand, from Her latest EP  “Who Is Gonna Rescue You”

FOLLOW Tracy Eckstrand VIA: Singer-songwriter Tracy Eckstrand bares her soul in “Come Around,” a pivotal folk-rock track from her new EP “Who Is Gonna Rescue You.” Through relatable lyrics and lush vocals, Tracy creates an intimate bond with listeners. She draws them into her experiences of grief and self-doubt. Tracy wrote “Come Around” during a…

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Smoker's Cough (Afterword) by AOUN cover art

Aoun with “Smoker’s Cough (Afterword)”: A Lingering Memory Single

FOLLOW Aoun Hamid VIA: Smoker’s Cough (Afterword)” marks an introspective turn for the Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter Aoun Hamid. Serving as the closing track on his forthcoming concept album structured as a “Storybook,” this song finds Aoun reflecting on the aftermath of an ended relationship and the lingering feelings of loneliness. While still rooted in his signature…

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Summer Kisses Winter Tears Revived with Reverence

FOLLow ARN-IDENTIFIED FLYING OBJECTS AND ALIEN FRIENDS viA: With poise and passion, Arn-Identified Flying Objects and Alien Friends deliver a stirring rendition of the Elvis classic “Summer Kisses Winter Tears.” Their thoughtful reimagining pays respectful homage to the King’s timeless 1960 ballad while still asserting the act’s own artful musical perspective. Hailing from the heart…

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