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Books Of Moods: ‘Dreams’ Original Single

Dreams by Books Of Moods cover artwork

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Books Of Moods emerges as a recently featured verified artist on this platform from their campaign, presenting a Parisian endeavor chronicling the captivating journey of Woodrow & Luth through dreamlike melodies. Their music evokes a sense of familiarity akin to a Madeleine de Proust, tapping into nostalgic sentiments. Their latest track, “Dreams,” expands a fusion of folk rock and indie folk, radiating a euphoric and relaxing aura.

Woodrow finds inspiration from an eclectic mix of sources including dreams, scents, landscapes, travels, encounters, and influential artists such as David Bowie, The Beatles, Radiohead, Arcade Fire, Acetone, Big Thief, Broken Social Scene, The Unicorns, and Grandaddy.


Clocking in at 3 minutes and 36 seconds, “Dreams” unfolds as a vibrant, romantic, and dreamy composition, painting a vivid picture of warmth and coziness within a relationship. It captures the ease and simplicity inherent in the presence of a cherished loved one, conveying a sense of comfort and joy.

Aptly titled, ‘Dreams’ engulfs listeners in a mystical cascade of sound that leaves an indelible impact. The gentle guitar and seamless drums accompany the sonic journey, akin to strolling along a sonic beach gazing at the magnificent ocean. Yet, the song gracefully oscillates between shades of light and darkness. While soothing instrumentation embraces the listener, there are moments of sweeping sound that create a dynamic ebb and flow, transporting one from one emotional dimension to another.

Books of Moods’ composition not only provides a stirring musical experience but also their vocals significantly augment its resonance, further enhancing its emotional depth.

For those interested, Books Of Moods can be followed on various social media platforms, providing further insight into his musical journey.


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