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Come Around By Tracy Eckstrand, from Her latest EP  “Who Is Gonna Rescue You”

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Singer-songwriter Tracy Eckstrand bares her soul in “Come Around,” a pivotal folk-rock track from her new EP “Who Is Gonna Rescue You.” Through relatable lyrics and lush vocals, Tracy creates an intimate bond with listeners. She draws them into her experiences of grief and self-doubt.

Tracy wrote “Come Around” during a painful time after losing her mother. She also faced a failing marriage and a demanding job as a school psychologist. Feeling overwhelmed, Tracy turned to her guitar for comfort. The lyrics flowed out unfiltered.

In the first verse, she gives voice to the pressures we all feel to “hold it together.” Sometimes people expect us to “help them, pick up their pieces.” Yet no one sees the personal burdens each person carries silently.

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Tracy’s melody and guitar provide a soothing backdrop for her confessions. As she asks “who’s gonna come around?” her voice quivers with quiet despair. Yet the instruments lend gentleness, suggesting that rescue may arrive.

The chorus then swells with cautious optimism. Tracy pleads for someone to “come around, show me love.” Brief interludes of piano and percussion add texture and motion. They signify Tracy’s small steps toward healing while echoing life’s unpredictable rhythms.

Come Around: Finding Comfort in Tracy’s Voice

By the final chorus, Tracy’s vocals sound more self-assured. She has realized that rather than waiting to be rescued, she must provide her own “love and understanding.” The full band dynamic behind her emphasizes her strength.

While Tracy drew from pain, she shaped universal experiences into lyrical art. Anyone who has suffered loss or overwhelmed by responsibility can relate. Her honesty forges an intimate connection between artist and listener.

Tracy Eckstrand rehearsal picture

The single “Come Around” exhibits Tracy Eckstrand’s musical talent and emotional depth. Lush instrumentals, crisp production, and vulnerable songwriting merge into a compelling folk-rock portrait of life’s storms. Yet Tracy helps listeners shelter in shared understanding. Through opening her personal wounds, she creates a space for collective catharsis.

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