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Proklaim releases ‘Civil,’ Afro-Hip Fusion with Purposeful Rhymes

Civil by Proklaim cover art


With as one his latest streak singles, “Civil,” hip-hop artist Proklaim seamlessly fuses old-school boom-bap vibes with contemporary Afrobeats rhythms. As a result, he creates an infectious sound that offers the best of both worlds. 

The production quality immediately stands out, with the Afrobeat-inspired rhythms laying an infectious foundation for Proklaim to flow effortlessly over. The upbeat, mid-tempo groove is perfect for dancing in clubs or while cruising with the top down. Yet still, Proklaim’s words carry weight, so don’t let the upbeat vibes take you down.

As the first verse opens with “In this life, you travel solo if you have to,” the listener connects with the solitary journey many walk in pursuit of purpose.


Proklaim muses about passion transcending fleeting emotions and the legacy one leaves behind. Across spiritual allusions and crisp wordplay, the constant striving “up again, up again” despite hurdles resonates.

The theme of surrounding oneself with a supportive community emerges as a pillar to withstand criticism. Proklaim even references Christ’s disciples, linking meaningful fellowship with a shared vision. Through fiery lines delivered with trademark hip-hop swagger, the artist sends a message to ignore detractors, stay true to one’s path, and celebrate loyal friends.

As amazing as the lyrics are, the instrumentals also deserve praise for creating the right atmosphere. Recorded at Pen Pushaz Entertainment Studios and polished at Namibia’s Audio Art studio, “Civil” exudes high production value. The mix perfectly blends boom-bap beats and Afro-fusion, with guitar licks and lively percussion building energy.

As camaraderie branches into new territory, he retains his essence – crafting feel-good music with substance. For those desiring some “raps and sunshine,” look no further than this certified summer jam. Yet don’t sleep on the inspirational themes embedded to lift the spirit. With “Civil,” Proklaim ventures confidently into fusing old vibes with new flavors for a singular listening experience.

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