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Lionee: ‘I Know You Still Taste Me’

Lionee's new single I Know You Still Taste Me

After over a year of not releasing any music for the purpose of sharpening their skillset and making sure their product is as pure as possible, artist Lionee and his producer Kelly mark their come back with a brand new and special love single “I Know You Still Taste Me“.

“I Know You Still Taste Me” without being a direct remix, reinvents in its own way a certain song made during an era where music was meant to leave an indelible taste in your palate. If not acquainted with the music of the late and great King of Pop, yes, we are talking about Michael Jackson, you wouldn’t have recognized the origins of this exotic and dreamy instrumental, that being Michaels legendary record “Liberian Girl”. The instrumentation is loyal to the original, mixed to Kelly’s touch it aims to bring the iconic instrumental to a place where it sounds a little more recent and fresher, yet still as timeless.

Just like Michael in the original, Lionee goes on about a long-distance relationship and the appearance of a foreign girl in his life changing his ways and how he views things (we can hear him say, at the end of the first verse, “you changed me girl, yeah you changed my world girl “, a reference to Michael’s “you came and you changed my world (…) you came and you changed me girl”. Here he seems to invite her to stay with him in Paris, never to leave again, but being met with a half negative response, he remains convinced that she still feels the same way.

Since their Debut in 2020 with the single “6 Figures” Lionee and Kelly took a break in 2021 a little after the release of their single “Legit” that has now gathered over 600K streams on Spotify. All to keep on exploring new sonorities and musical grounds, working on much bigger music plus everything revolving around it. With hundreds of songs in storage they affirm that this new Single is only but a little taste of what’s to come.

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