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Lauren Minear: ‘The Way It Was’ Latest Single

Lauren Minear latest single 'The Way It Was' cover

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Lauren Minear‘s upcoming single, “The Way It Was,” is a powerful display of her ability to turn raw emotions into heartfelt songwriting. Co-written and produced by Dan Weeks, the song draws inspiration from the recent repeal of Roe versus Wade, reflecting Minear’s own feelings about the current political climate.

With lyrics like “We’ll never stop trying, while women are dying, we come from the earth, love, it’s how you were made,” the track serves as an empowering anthem for women. Recorded at WWW Studios in London and The Cutting Room Studios in New York, NY, “The Way It Was” combines clever and thought-provoking lyrics with bold and unexpected instrumentation, creating a high-energy and cathartic listening experience. As a critically-acclaimed indie folk pop singer-songwriter, psychotherapist, and mother based in New York, Minear’s heartfelt lyrics, soulful voice, and undeniable wit have captivated audiences at music institutions in the city.

With a runtime of four minutes and four seconds, the song showcases a rich composition that can be classified under genres like Rock-Pop, Indie (Melodic Pop Rock), Indie Pop, Anthemic, and US Based. Minear’s debut album, Invisible Woman, delves into themes of identity, love, and loss, amplified by her experience of navigating the postpartum period during the pandemic. “The Way It Was” is the lead single from Minear’s forthcoming album (expected Spring 2024), a colorful exploration of visibility and self-discovery.


“[Lauren has] a gorgeous ability to write about difficult things…and really connect”.

– Andrea Stolpe, Multi-platinum Songwriter (Faith Hill).

“Lauren reaffirms the universality of our complex human condition, and she does it with class and sincerity”.

– Ellen Woloshin (Music Connection)

“…It’s rare to find someone doing something so wonderfully unique, and Lauren is IT”.

– Elliot James Mullhert (EJM Mastering)

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