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Kendall Bowser: ‘Sober Truths’ EP

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Lets have a rundown of Kendall Bowser’s EP “Sober Truths,” on ‘what and what not’ from her new EP. As a talented 23-year-old folk-pop songwriter from Nashville, Kendall Bowser pours her heart out about the emotional aftermath of a relationship. She takes us on a journey through different genres and vibes with five instrumentally and lyrically rich tracks. From rock pop to soft rock, synth indie rock, country, and even a classic sound, this EP has it all.

Kendall’s music in general has a natural and organic quality, with acoustic guitar, rhythmic drums, and her translucent vocals that really bring the stories to life. On this EP, with a total of five beautiful tracks which clocks a maximum of nineteen minutes thirty-one secs will leave you wanting for more especially when you get soaked into the lyrics. “Sober Truths” was released on November 3rd and marks a pivotal chapter in Kendall’s artistic journey, exploring the repercussions of an alcohol-related breakup.

The tracks “Healthy” and “You don’t call me” beautifully capture the range of breakup emotions like grief, resentment, realization, and acceptance. Kendall’s style reminds me of Maggie Rogers and Lizzy McAlpine, and her music creates a space for personal healing while resonating with others navigating the complexities of love and heartache. The EP candidly captures that bittersweet longing for a connection with a former flame who embraced sobriety post-breakup, especially in the closing track “Like I Do.”

Kendall’s reflective storytelling unveils touching narratives of vulnerability and desire, even in the face of potential toxicity. This EP provides a compelling listen for indie folk enthusiasts and anyone seeking music that delves into the intricacies of human emotions.

“Sober Truths” is now available on major platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music.

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