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Proklaim: ‘Righteous’ Steps Toward Goals

Righteous by Proklaim cover art


Proklaim’s song “Righteous” flows with raw honesty. His lyrics give insight into the inner workings of an artist seeking meaning amidst life’s challenges. With influences spanning old-school hip hop legends and 90s alternative, Proklaim mixes styles in his musical delivery.

As a solo hip-hop artist who started rapping while learning guitar, Proklaim draws influences from icons like Nas, Lauryn Hill, and Jay-Z. This song embodies the mindset that to achieve goals, one must take life one day at a time.

The lyrics are about improving one’s mindset and shedding light on difficult situations.


Proklaim emphasizes staying true to oneself rather than taking shortcuts. Even if it’s not immediately apparent, he

believes everyone can contribute to making the world a better place. The song promotes loving others and making small but steady progress toward one’s objectives.

The slow rhythm draws listeners into Proklaim’s reflective state of mind. His steady flow rolls over the instrumentation like water over stones. With an optimistic tone, the song exhorts listeners to take their time climbing life’s mountains. Proklaim’s words ring true with wisdom and humility.

The song has an intimate feel even though the lyrics center on huge challenges. Proklaim sounds like he is journaling his thoughts, making observations about society between private reflections. It seems as though listeners are in the room with him as they discuss these ideas.

The song balances profound statements with simplicity. Though discussing deep subjects, Proklaim uses plain language anyone can understand. He makes big topics feel familiar, giving the song a down-to-earth sensibility.

Righteous is a song that blends easygoing beats with thought-provoking topics of social transformation and personal development. It invites listeners to elevate their consciousness while remaining grounded. Like a wise teacher speaking with humble authority, he makes big ideas feel accessible through the song’s casual flow. Anyone seeking musical inspiration to live fully, act morally, and make progress daily would appreciate this meaningful hip-hop piece.

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