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J.J. Chamberlain: ‘Tired of Christmas’

follow J.J. Chamberlain via: J.J. Chamberlain, also known as John Chamberlain, the primary songwriter for Box Time, steps into the spotlight with his debut solo release, “Tired of Christmas.” Taking charge of all instruments, recording, and mixing from the comfort of his home, Chamberlain delivers a fresh perspective on this holiday tune. Despite being based…

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Oh Holy Night by Danielle Bloom cover art

Danielle Bloom: ‘Oh Holy Night’

Follow Danielle Bloom via: Danielle Bloom, a preacher’s daughter, defies conventions to emerge as a powerhouse in rock music. Despite her choir background and performances at church events, she embraced a rock persona, trading choir robes for corsets and cut-offs as she delved into Nashville’s vibrant rock scene. Her stage credits include opening for renowned…

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Christmas Time by Stacey K cover artwork

Stacey K ‘Christmas Time’

follow Stacey K via: Introducing Stacey K‘s “Christmas Time,” marking her debut on this platform with her sole track available on Spotify, alongside a handful of delightful songs featured on her SoundCloud. Hailing from Cork and working as a healthcare professional during the pandemic, Stacey K offers a moving take on the holiday season through…

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Holy Night by Holy Night (A Christmas Song From The War) cover artwork

Kete Bowers: ‘Holy Night’ (A Christmas Song From The War)

follow Kete Bowers via: Kete Bowers, hailing from Birkenhead, Merseyside, Liverpool, stands as a versatile singer/songwriter, effortlessly traversing Country, Folk, Rock, Americana, and Blues in his musical repertoire. Recently, he unveiled two new tracks in 2023, “BlackWater” and “Holy Night,” both recorded in his cozy home studio, teasing an upcoming album in the works. Today,…

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White Christmas by White Christmas cover artwork

Ninni: ‘White Christmas’ Cover Single and Video

follow Ninni via: Italian/English songwriter Ninni, formerly part of disco-punk bands, has transitioned to a successful solo career. His international hit, “Just The Touch of My Hands,” was broadcast on over 60 radio stations worldwide. His latest release, “White Christmas,” a nostalgic track spanning 2 minutes and 29 seconds, promises a relaxing, easy-listening experience. The…

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Bring Back the Beaver by THE FUNNY TERNS cover artwork

The Funny Terns: ‘Bring Back the Beaver’ Original Single and Video

follow The Funny Terns via: The Funny Terns‘ latest release, “Bring Back the Beaver,” delivers both whimsy and a serious environmental message. This charity single, a jovial tune about the UK’s loss of biodiversity, serves as a tribute to the rewilding movement while aiming to champion nature’s cause during the Christmas season. Hailing from Bristol,…

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One Wish For Christmas by LIMAHL cover artwork

LIMAHL: ‘One Wish For Christmas’

follow LIMAHL via: Renowned musician Limahl, known for his iconic roles within various bands including Kajagoogoo, recently re-introduced a heartwarming holiday single, “One Wish for Christmas.” Originally released as “London for Christmas” in 2012 and reissued in 2020, the song resonates deeply at a time when closeness holds newfound value due to the challenges posed…

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Frosty The Snowman by Jesse Lynn Madera cover artwork

Jesse Lynn Madera: ‘Frosty The Snowman’ Cover Single

follow Jesse Lynn Madera via: Renowned for her soul-stirring and contemplative musical prowess, Jesse Lynn Madera skillfully navigates an eclectic fusion of genres, seamlessly intertwining country, folk, soul, and jazz elements in her compositions. Her introspective and captivating melodic storytelling style has drawn comparisons to celebrated artists like Kate Bush and Tori Amos. Engaged in…

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