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The Funny Terns: ‘Bring Back the Beaver’ Original Single and Video

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The Funny Terns‘ latest release, “Bring Back the Beaver,” delivers both whimsy and a serious environmental message. This charity single, a jovial tune about the UK’s loss of biodiversity, serves as a tribute to the rewilding movement while aiming to champion nature’s cause during the Christmas season.

Hailing from Bristol, the British humor Christmas charity duo employs a peculiar and engaging style in their music, characterized by acidic humor and an abundance of playful double entendres. At a runtime of 2 minutes and 14 seconds, this acoustic folk track, sprinkled with a hint of Christmas spirit, captures a buoyant atmosphere while addressing a pertinent environmental issue through its clever, tongue-in-cheek lyrics.

Released on December 8, 2023, “Bring Back the Beaver” captures the essence of the band’s uniqueness with a straightforward yet captivating musical arrangement, combined with brilliant comedic lines that humorously convey the urgent subject of biodiversity loss.

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The Funny Terns

Fronted by Natalie Fée, an award-winning environmentalist, author, and speaker, known for her role as the founder of ‘City to Sea,’ an anti-pollution charity established in 2015, The Funny Terns leverage their musical platform to advocate for environmental causes. Fée’s longstanding commitment to environmental activism brings depth to the song’s purpose, aligning with her continuous efforts for positive change.

The single not only entertains but also educates through its charming yet thought-provoking composition. Accompanied by a playful music video available on YouTube, “Bring Back the Beaver” cleverly employs double entendres to humorously convey the serious subject matter. Despite its witty undertones, the track serves as an engaging and family-friendly piece, available across major digital music streaming platforms.

In blending delightful humor with a profound environmental message, The Funny Terns’ “Bring Back the Beaver” stands as an artistic endeavor that simultaneously entertains, educates, and supports an important cause, inviting audiences to enjoy its cleverly crafted melodies while supporting conservation efforts.

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