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LIMAHL: ‘One Wish For Christmas’

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Renowned musician Limahl, known for his iconic roles within various bands including Kajagoogoo, recently re-introduced a heartwarming holiday single, “One Wish for Christmas.” Originally released as “London for Christmas” in 2012 and reissued in 2020, the song resonates deeply at a time when closeness holds newfound value due to the challenges posed by the pandemic. Music isn’t Limahl’s sole pursuit, as he’s delved into acting in recent years, noting that age is just a number, with 60 being the new 40.

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“One Wish for Christmas” encompasses enchanting piano melodies that set the stage for a romantic holiday journey, guided by Limahl’s tender and resonant vocals. Evoking nostalgia and providing an easy listening experience, the track captures the essence of festive romance, transitioning smoothly from gentle to energetic tempos, offering an immersive and euphoric sense, prompting continuous replay.

For Limahl, crafting a compelling Christmas song has been a lifelong ambition, an endeavor marked by the challenge of crafting a novel perspective on the festive season. His lyrics echo the poignancy of life amidst the throes of the pandemic, intertwining the allure of a Christmas in London with its vivid experiences, encompassing romantic city trips and festive cultural indulgences that remain beyond reach in the current era. Through his musical endeavors, Limahl channels his deep affection for London, capturing the bustling city’s essence and infusing it into his creative works.

His recent musical revival, including the successful recent single “Still In Love,” denotes an exciting phase in his artistic trajectory, signifying a return to music production and reflecting his enduring passion for storytelling and musical expression.

As he delves into the emotional landscape of Christmas and the romance it brings, Limahl’s “One Wish for Christmas” manifests as a heartfelt chronicle, embodying his unwavering commitment to relaying poignant narratives through music.

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