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Die Kammer's Season V, Maybe forgotten. Maybe glorious album cover

Season V: Maybe Forgotten. Maybe Glorious by Die Kammer

FOLLOW Die Kammer VIA: Die Kammer’s latest album, “Season V: Maybe Forgotten.” Maybe Glorious is a profoundly touching and experimental masterpiece. This album, created by the outstanding pair Matthias Ambré and Marcus Testory, explores the depths of human emotion. Marcus Testory’s vocals and Matthias Ambré’s acoustic skills remain. However, they are encased in a completely…

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Into a Flower by PrivacyClub cover art

PrivacyClub: “Into A Flower” A Dive into Fun Goth

FOLLOW PrivacyClub VIA: Into a Flower, Don Riedel as PrivacyClub’s debut single offers a promising first glimpse into the band’s intricate wordplay. Blending influences from emo, goth, and indie rock, singer-songwriter Don Riedel explores emotional vulnerability through infectious melodies and raw vocals. Recorded at Triangle Wave Studios in Brooklyn, the single immediately draws listeners in….

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Lovescope album by SIR-VERE, Craig hammond White cover art

“Lovescope” By Sir-Vere: A Love Letter Album

FOLLow Sir-Vere viA: Veteran alternative rockers Sir-Vere have unleashed their long-awaited studio album “Lovescope,” available now via Worldsound/Virgin Music Group. Showcasing the band’s signature hybrid of high-energy electronica, post-punk aggression, and anthemic songwriting, “Lovescope” finds Sir-Vere firing on all cylinders. Led by core members Gary Morland (guitar, bass, keys) and Craig Hammond (vocals), alongside programmer…

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Crowland by 9 O'Clock Nasty single cover artwork

9 O’Clock Nasty: ‘Crowland’ Original Single

foLLow O’Clock Nasty viA: With their upcoming album, “This Is Crowland,” British rockers 9 O’Clock Nasty give listeners a taste of their signature energetic sound with the release of their single “Crowland.” Dropped on January 13th, 2024, across streaming platforms, the track pulls no punches, bringing the band’s high-intensity post-punk vibe to the forefront. Described…

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Lunar Decay by Luma Fade album cover art

Luma Fade: ‘Lunar Decay’ Album

follow Luma Fade via: Luma Fade unveils their inaugural musical offering, “Lunar Decay,” a masterful solo project by Benjamin Forrest Dalton that emerged on December 22, 2023. Dalton’s musical roots span a wide spectrum, traversing from the post-punk allure of Echo and the Bunnymen, The Cure, Joy Division, Susie and the Banshees to a later…

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