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9 O’Clock Nasty: ‘Crowland’ Original Single

Crowland by 9 O'Clock Nasty single cover artwork

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With their upcoming album, “This Is Crowland,” British rockers 9 O’Clock Nasty give listeners a taste of their signature energetic sound with the release of their single “Crowland.” Dropped on January 13th, 2024, across streaming platforms, the track pulls no punches, bringing the band’s high-intensity post-punk vibe to the forefront.

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Described as “musical violence” by the band themselves, “Crowland” grabs hold of ears from its opening distorted guitar riffs. The band wastes no time establishing their characteristically forceful rhythm and hard-hitting instrumentation. Layering the instruments in clever ways, 9 O’Clock Nasty showcases their skill in songwriting as they ratchet up the control. Vocalist Ted Pepper leads the charge, his voice half singing, half yelling through the controlled chaos.

As the song progresses, more melody and harmony enter, making it an aurally intriguing ride full of unexpected turns. It keeps the energy flowing, going from loud to even louder with a bunch of cool twists. The band throws in different melodies and stuff, making the song a real head-bobber. Moving through different sections, the core intensity remains even as new instruments color the soundscape.

Crowland: Raging and Anthemic Rock Buzz

Fans of high-energy, no-holds-barred rock will find much to enjoy with “Crowland.” 9 O’Clock Nasty have crafted a unique sound that plays with the expectations of listeners, subverting normal song structure in favor of following their creative muse wherever it leads.

9 O'CLOCK NASTY with Crowland

So, here’s a toast to 9 O’Clock Nasty – keep on rocking, guys! “Crowland” is a taste of something special, and we can’t wait for the whole feast in “This Is Crowland.” It will be exciting to hear the rest of the songs on the album and see how far they push their limits. As the first taste from the album hints that it will take us to a new, dramatic aural realm.

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