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Akh Kash by Himmat Singh featuring Betu

Akh Kashni by Himmat Singh

Follow HIMMAT SINGH via: There’s a joyous energy brewing in Himmat Singh’s latest single, “Akh Kashni.” This vibrant song isn’t your typical Punjabi folk tune. Sure, it carries the unmistakable melodies and storytelling tradition of Punjab, but it’s given a fresh twist with a modern pop and hip-hop beat. The result? A delightful blend that…

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Fragments: Part One by Hilgrove Kenrick cover art

Fragments: Part One, Hilgrove Kenrick’s latest Album

FOLLOW Hilgrove Kenrick VIA: On this compilation, what an absolute gem Hilgrove Kenrick has created with “Fragments: Part One”! This collection of intimate piano pieces feels like being warmly welcomed into Kenrick’s personal creative space. Released on April 24th, the album has already touched listeners worldwide with its sincere honesty and deep emotion. From the…

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Only Fans by Giack Bazz cover art

Only Fans: A Song from Giack Bazz, Sparking Conversation in the Music Industry

FOLLOW Giack Bazz VIA: Italian singer-songwriter Giack Bazz tackles the complexities of the music industry head-on with his latest single, “Only Fans,” to spark a much-needed conversation. Bazz’s lyrics draw an artist’s struggle in a world obsessed with instant fame and fleeting attention. Lines like “There’s no overnight success, only morning fans” capture the frustration…

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Starlight Alice: ‘Impatient’ New Sound

FOLLOW Starlight Alice VIA: A new music sensation hailing from the UK, Starlight Alice is receiving great recognition for their distinctive blend of “folk/americana/pop” genre. With a staggering 30 million Spotify plays, the collaboration between two remarkably talented musicians demands attention. Having previously enjoyed successful careers as independent artists, Jacob Browne and Luke Potter have…

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What’s the Dealin’ by Paul Lupa ft. Jah Mason cover art

PAUL LUPA: “Whats the Dealin` ” latest single ft. Jah Mason

FOLLOW Paul Lupa VIA: Paul Lupa’s new single, “Whats the Dealin’,” breathes new life into the reggae genre, highlighting his multifaceted talent as both a composer and a musician. The song distinguishes itself with rock-infused guitar riffs and heartfelt horn sections, infusing a distinctive twist into the classic reggae beat. Lupa’s collaboration with Jamaican artist…

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