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“We Gotta Wake Up”: A Review of Russell Oliver Stone’s Comeback Song

We Gotta Wake Up by RUSSELL OLIVER STONE single cover art


Russell Oliver Stone, a legendary singer-songwriter, doesn’t mince words about the world’s problems in his latest offering. “We Gotta Wake Up,” a powerful track on his new album “The Calling,” soars above the limitations of a love song. Stone’s soulful opening vocals immediately confront apathy, calling out the failures of leadership when faced with critical social issues.

The urgency is undeniable, driven by percussion, horns, and a hypnotic bassline, further amplified by spoken word contributions. It’s a powerful call to action, urging us to wake up to the signs of the times and the social issues we must address.


“We Gotta Wake Up” isn’t just a song; it’s Russell Oliver Stone’s life story. Clocking in at just under 7 minutes and a half, the track reflects his personal journey. It serves as a powerful wake-up call for those feeling lost and defeated. After soaring to fame with the global hit “We Do It” in 1976 alongside his wife Joanna, Stone’s life took a tragic turn with her passing.

However, he emerged stronger, becoming a transpersonal psychotherapist while continuing to write and sing. Now, at 76 and facing a terminal illness, Stone continues to inspire with “We Gotta Wake Up.” His unwavering faith in humanity shines through, offering a message of hope and action. He urges us to awaken to our inner power and contribute to solutions for a better world.

By the way, you can find a performance of “We Gotta Wake Up” by Russell and his band on YouTube from a studio session on Global Talent World.

LYRICS for “We Gotta Wake Up” by Russell Oliver Stone:

There’s something in the air
I do declare
something’s burning somewhere
a bonfire of vanities
Nay, a Rage of vanities
Is being played out on people’s lives
By those who really, really…, really, don’t care
about you and I, yeah

The sharks are drifting, they sense blood
they’re sifting through the water
stirring up the mud
feeding on ours fears
and feeding us with lies
*ths sociop*ths
and so many more besides
look and see what’s around you
where are you?
are you here, in the now?
who do you listen to? who do you trust?
do you do what you choose? or believe that you must?

we got to wake up
wake up
shake up

we made up our minds
and now it’s time to realign again
We got to wake up
wake up
shake up

take up the fight with your 20/20 psychic
We’ve got to Wake up
Shake up

take up the fight
cuz we got to get it right now
We’ve got to wake up
wake up
shake up
take up the fight
Walk in our light
We’ve got to wake up
wake up
shake up

there ain’t a lot of time
the writing’s in the sky
on the earth and the wind
and in the by and by
The Bill’s going to come in
For all that we have spent
and the price is going to be high
the land lady is going to want her rent
she’s been keeping an eye on us
on the human race
on what we’re up to with others
and it’s very close to disgraceful
it ain’t looking good
For them or us
but it’s still not too late
if we can just, wake up

wake up
shake up


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