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Trick Shooter Social Club: ‘Truck Stop Dangerous’ New EP

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Trick Shooter Social Club is a roots-rock band from Chicago that combines stomp and clap American rock-n-roll with elements of roots, alt. country, and blues. Led by guitarist Larry Liss and frontman Steve Simoncic, the band’s music is a blend of garage rock with a conscience. And in this their new EP, “Truck Stop Dangerous” is no different from the classics the band have been producing over the years. Trick Shooter Social Club have played with notable acts such as Peggy Young and the Survivors and have toured across the continent, performing at venues like Steppenwolf Theatre Chicago and the Whiskey a Go-Go in LA. They have gained support from WGN Radio and various music blogs. Their third album, “American Experiment,” recorded at Chicago Recording Company, received rave reviews.

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Trickshooter Social Club‘s EP “Truck Stop Dangerous” is a debut release that combines elements of Americana, rock, and blues. The band’s strong songwriting skills and tight musicianship are showcased throughout the EP. The opening track, “Beautiful,” at three minutes six seconds, it sets the tone with its upbeat, road-trip style and catchy impression/feel. The song incorporates a range of influences, from heavy funk riffs to rock and roll and country sounds. As we move into the second track, “Clarksdale Serenade #2,” the honky-tonk pianos blend seamlessly with the guitars and vocals, creating a unique blend of blues and rock and roll.

The EP’s runtime of four tracks allows for a captivating listening experience. “Lie To Me” stands out with its distinctive use of violins, adding a unique touch to the overall sound. “Elvis Figurines,” on the other hand, experiments with drumming and production, creating a slightly slower-paced track. The production throughout the EP is a delightful mix of funk, rock and roll, and country influences. The driving guitars and dance-friendly rhythms create an energetic atmosphere without overwhelming the listener.

WHAT OTHERS HAD TO “Truck Stop Dangerous”:

“Starkly genuine and madly organic, full of sweating and dancing, and underscored by that which makes the band real: full-bodied guitars, rollicking vocals, and a sense of spirited escapism.” – Glide Magazine

“Thinking of America as an experiment, as an idea, as complicated and messy and violent and ugly and beautiful and sublime as it is. We’re living in really interesting, volatile times.” – The Daily Herald

With its supercharged chorus and the sort of riff/guitar work that gets even the meekest of indie kids worked up, it’s a thing to hang onto for the ride. – BackSeatMafia

“On American Experiment, Trickshooter Social Club serves up full-tilt Americana music, full of contagious rhythms and evocative vocals. Put simply, this is a grand album by a superb band.” – Rawckus

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