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7evin7ins: ‘My Everlasting Isolation’ Debut EP

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7evin7ins has released his debut EP “My Everlasting Isolation” which is themed around being trapped in one’s thoughts. The EP consists of seven tracks and spans a length of 18 minutes and 24 seconds. The lead single, “Don’t Trip,” showcases the artist’s genre-blending prowess and resilience. Hailing from Allendale, New Jersey, 7evin7ins weaves together equal parts pop-punk, alternative, and hip-hop, creating a distinctive and undeniable sound. The artist’s collaborations with diverse talents, as seen in “Love You Like I Used To” and “Head High,” further showcase his versatility and ability to connect with a wide audience. As a verified artist,  7evin7ins’ song has accrued quite a large count of plays worldwide and counting.

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Personal assertion on this Project, “My Everlasting Isolation” by 7evin7ins – “From the day I started making music in my bedroom, I’ve dreamed about releasing a project. This is my favorite body of work I’ve ever created. I’m excited to pass it into your hands. Thank you for being here.”

With the strong kickoff provided by “plsdontgo,” it’s evident that 7evin7ins is poised for an exciting and impactful musical journey in 2023. The artist’s personal journey, initially marked by basketball aspirations, took an unexpected turn when a debilitating injury left him with stress fractures in his knees, altering his trajectory.

However, from the depths of depression, 7evin7ins found solace and purpose in music, ultimately discovering TUBLife & Rockstaar Entertainment and embarking on a professional recording journey. Influenced by a diverse range of artists, 7evin7ins has crafted a signature style that sets him apart in the music landscape.

He has recently been featured on the NHL24 soundtrack and the Five Guys In-Store playlist, over 50 Spotify editorial playlists, headlining shows in NYC, NJ, LA, and opened for Dreamers and The Score. Collaborations include Kellin Quinn, Dusty Locane, Rah Swish, Cozz, 916frosty, Niki Demar, Marlhy, Clever, Story Untold, Khantrast, and more.

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