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Cyril Brière: ‘Dans L’été Indien’ Single


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Cyril Brière, a familiar name to many as part of the group Sans Sebastien, has embarked on a new musical endeavor with his latest release, “Dans L’été Indien” in English as, “In the Indian Summer.” While Cyril may be remembered for the catchy “Under my skirt,” which featured in the soundtrack of Netflix’s “Daybreak,” his latest piece takes a poignant turn, delving into themes of love, freedom, and longing.

In this heartfelt composition, Cyril Brière reflects on the impending separation from a companion due to visa complications, an experience that resonates deeply with the challenges of love and freedom. Set against the backdrop of a bittersweet Indian summer, the song encapsulates the sorrow of parting and the enduring sweetness of cherished memories.


The captivating melody, crafted by Laurence G Do (Le Couleur), paints a delicate narrative of yearning and departure. Cyril’s evocative storytelling unfolds against a backdrop of pastel colors, featuring gentle pop notes and the melancholic essence found in French songwriting. As he expresses, “I didn’t want to leave, I didn’t want to leave him, I didn’t want this new chapter in my life, but this time and for one of the first times in my life, I discovered the limits of my freedom, I had no choice.”

In a year marked by widespread discussions on freedom, Cyril’s personal encounter with its limitations in 2017 echoes a broader theme of navigating love and freedom in an imperfect world. The accompanying music video for Dans L’été Indien, a testament to tender love, delicately captures the essence of human connection in the face of imminent separation.

“In the Indian summer, leaving the city and this body that we imagined, whispered, held in our arms,” Cyril muses, capturing the essence of departure and the emotions that follow. As autumn turns its pages, he artfully documents the shift from one chapter to the next, from farewells to the hopeful anticipation of new beginnings.

Also, in his debut music video, “In the Indian Summer (When we leave the city),” Brière revisits the wistful moments of late summer, a period infused with a touch of melancholy, mirroring the inevitable changes observed in love stories and the natural world.

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