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In The Nights by Deuce Denninger: Bluesy Boogie Delight

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Deuce Denninger and his band blast out of Missouri with their new bluesy rocker “In The Nights.” There’s something Classic about this catchy, fun song. You can sense the vibe right away—this is a foot-tapper—from the opening guitar licks. Denninger’s soulful, whisky-warm vocals ride smoothly over the steady rhythm section. When the chorus hits with its catchy hook, you’ll be singing right along.

In The Nights
Deuce Denninger

The band behind Deuce lifts the song higher. Shannon Meyer tears up rocking guitar solos while Jimmy Brotherton drives a rock-solid backbeat on drums. Meanwhile, Ken E Keller holds down a funky bassline that gives “In The Nights” its booty-shaking quality. Adding backing vocals are Kara Smollen and Joyce Baker Statler who lend a bluesy cry to the refrains. Their soulful croons blend nicely with Denninger’s rugged voice.

Fans of classic heartland rock will eat this up. Deuce and the band have studied at the feet of greats like ZZ Top and Johnny Winter. You can hear echoes of those bluesy rave-ups in “In The Nights.” But they fuse those influences into their own fresh, vibrant sound. This is a band celebrating the glory days of rock while staking their claim.

When the organ kicks in at the bridge, it takes “In The Nights” to a higher level. It adds a gospel revival vibe before the band roars back for the big finish. This is the sound of musicians locking in and laying down a big fat groove. It’s no surprise they recorded this at Hopi Lane Productions – you can feel the good times rocking out of the speakers.

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“In The Nights” has hit written all over it. The song captures the looseness and swagger that great rock music needs. Deuce Denninger has given us a taste of big things to come. His parting words say it all: “Keep an eye out for more rock and roll coming soon!”

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