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In The Nights by Deuce Denninger artwork final

In The Nights by Deuce Denninger: Bluesy Boogie Delight

FOLLOW Deuce Denninger VIA: Deuce Denninger and his band blast out of Missouri with their new bluesy rocker “In The Nights.” There’s something Classic about this catchy, fun song. You can sense the vibe right away—this is a foot-tapper—from the opening guitar licks. Denninger’s soulful, whisky-warm vocals ride smoothly over the steady rhythm section. When…

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Small Town Vampire By Mark Vennis & Different Place: Escaping Small-Town Life

FOLLOW Mark Vennis & Different Place VIA: Mark Vennis refuses to accept the status quo. With his band Different Place, their latest album “Small Town Vampire” rails against the suffocating conformity of small-town life in England. Through driving punk and new wave, Vennis processes his frustrations with feeling trapped. In the title track, Vennis rebels…

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Mother's Angry

Mother’s Angry By Gary Dranow & The Manic Emotions

FOLLOW Gary Dranow viA: Gary Dranow has done it again. The talented singer-songwriter’s latest single “Mother’s Angry” offers an eerie depiction of climate change through evocative lyrics and melodies. Released on February 8th, 2024, this collaboration with The Manic Emotions fuses rock and storytelling to deliver a powerful message.  Dranow is no stranger to tackling…

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Orange Sky Dream EP by WRECKLESS STRANGERS cover art

Wreckless Strangers’ Orange Sky Dream EP

FOLLow WRECKLESS STRANGERS viA: After releasing three albums in the past seven years, Wreckless Strangers release another musical project. The Bay Area-based musical group has just released an Extended Play(EP) following their third studio album. Wreckless Strangers’ new EP, Orange Sky Dream is an environmental protection-themed musical project. The central theme of the EP revolves…

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