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KIEY: ‘White Boy I Sat Next To On The Plane’ Single and Video

White Boy I Sat Next To On The Plane by Kiey cover art

FOLLow Kiey viA:

With his minimalistic yet mesmerizing new single “white boy I sat next to on the plane,” Vietnamese-Australian singer-songwriter Kiey proves himself a master of bittersweet cinematic pop.

Unfolding like a short film set to music, the track spotlights Kiey’s imaginative storytelling and hypnotic vocal melodies. He transforms a missed connection into three-and-a-half minutes of dreamy introspection brimming with longing and possibility.

Kiey Ryanaeon artist

While more pared-back instrumentally than earlier synth-pop confections, “white boy I sat next to on the plane” loses none of Kiey’s signature polish. Gentle piano chords and muted drums pave the way for his extra-honeyed vocals and clear lyrics. As Kiey daydreams about striking up a conversation with the stranger who caught his eye, acoustic drums and looped piano chords build an intimate, expectation-defying soundscape.

White boy I sat next to on the plane: Exploring “What Ifs”

Kiey gives voice to the inner monologues and imaginary scenarios that unfold when we wonder, “What if”? In this case, if he’d mustered the courage to talk to his in-flight crush. His lyrics shine with evocative details as he envisions this fantasy friendship or relationship with the mysterious boy by the window.

By the chorus, the repeated phrase “In another life…” suggests there’s melancholy in imagining an alternate timeline where he seized the moment. Yet the song unfolds dreamily, not bitterly, as Kiey lingers in this imaginary space. Like the best story-songs, “white boy…” leaves some details tantalizingly open-ended so listeners can fill in the blanks. This vulnerability adds an extra layer of authenticity to this musical masterpiece.

Kiey Ryanaeon artist

As the first taste of Kiey’s upcoming third album, it showcases his maturing talents as a singer, songwriter and producer. With its simple arrangements centered around his gossamer voice, this single signals an intriguing new direction. Built wholly around conveying a specific mood, it may require a few listens to fully sink in. But as Kiey stretches his wings beyond glitzy pop into this indie folk-influenced lane, the results are rather magical.

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