Windigo by Turtle Island cover artwork

Turtle Island: ‘Windigo’

follow TURTLE ISLAND via: Emerging from Ohio, Turtle Island, a fresh rock trio heavily influenced by the classic sounds of the ’60s and ’70s, unveils their debut single, “Windigo.” Clocking in at a promising 3 minutes and 54 seconds, this track ventures into classic rock and anthemic territories, promising an irresistibly catchy addition to your…

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Neon Heights by THE SCREAMING POPE an album cover art

Album: “Neon Heights” by The Screaming Pope.

FOLLow THE SCREAMING POPE viA: The Screaming Pope‘s most recent album, Neon Heights, is a 14-track album that truly highlights the musician’s creative approach to electronic music. The artist, who is known for continuously pushing limits and reinventing the genre, exhibits outstanding musicianship once more. Right from the get-go, “Movie Star” grabs your attention with…

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Echoes EP by Jeff Monk cover art

Jeff Monk: ‘Echoes’ EP Out Now

follow Jeff Monk via: Let’s delve into the this amazing “Echoes” EP by Jeff Monk. Jeff Monk an independent country/rock artist from Texas takes us on a raw and cathartic musical journey that will leave you feeling all the emotions. With his transparent and hard-hitting writing style, Monk’s lyrics hit you right in the heart,…

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