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Brave Girl by Anoush cover art

Anoush: ‘Brave Girl’ song follows her debut album, “ONE”

FOLLOW Anoush viA: New discovery for everyone to hop on to, some innovative and mind-stimulating tunes to add to your playlist or blog? We got Anoush’s “Brave Girl,” a rising indie sensation renowned for defying musical conventions while staying true to her classical training roots. Since wowing crowds with her debut album, ONE in 2023, Anoush has been gearing…

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PARKING LOT by Kelsie Kimberlin cover art

Kelsie Kimberlin: “Parking Lot” Latest single Original Video

follow Kelsie Kimberlin via: Kelsie Kimberlin is a popular international singer with millions of views, streams, plays, and lots of media coverage. Kelsie Kimberlin, following her collaboration with the song “Vlad,” released during the latter days of the Russia-Ukraine war last year, delivered a powerful message in support of Ukrainians and boldly addressed certain political…

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Sober Truths by Kendall Bowser art cover

Kendall Bowser: ‘Sober Truths’ EP

follow Kendall Bowser via: Lets have a rundown of Kendall Bowser’s EP “Sober Truths,” on ‘what and what not’ from her new EP. As a talented 23-year-old folk-pop songwriter from Nashville, Kendall Bowser pours her heart out about the emotional aftermath of a relationship. She takes us on a journey through different genres and vibes with…

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