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Catherine Scholz on her Let This Be Enough single, cover art.

Catherine Scholz: ‘Let This Be Enough’ Empowering New Single

Renowned singer-songwriter Catherine Scholz is poised to deeply resonate with audiences through her latest single, “Let This Be Enough.” This resonant composition transcends barriers, delving into the universally human experiences of unrequited love, longing for acceptance, and the search for self-affirmation. Featuring Francisco Aviles on vocals, “Let This Be Enough” serves as a heartfelt ode…

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MAKIR - Don't Gotta Go

MAKIR: ‘Don’t Gotta Go’

2023 is shaping up to be an absolutely incredible year for the EDM and festival scene, and leading the charge in this sonic revolution is the one and only MAKIR, an extraordinary German producer. His latest single, “Don’t Gotta Go,” catapults him back into the spotlight, solidifying his status as a highly respected and influential…

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Samson For President - Shine

Samson For P: “Shine”

“Shine” is by Samson For President, a talented independent Swedish/Colombian musician. This folk and acoustic gem showcases Samson’s ability to craft emotional and deep songs that stays with the soul. With its easy thoughtful melodies and relatable lyrics that tells a story, “Shine” takes you on a nostalgic journey, releasing a sense of longing and…

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