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DeClaRE by Naalyn cover artwork

DeClaRE by Naalyn

FOLLow DeClaRE viA: Hailing from Ghana and now captivating audiences from her Virginia base, Naalyn’s latest gospel single, “DeClaRE,” is a powerful and feel-good tune you didn’t know you needed. The real magic is the lyrics. Naalyn’s words are like a pep talk in a song. Potent reminders that our words hold immense power. She…

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Orange Sky Dream EP by WRECKLESS STRANGERS cover art

Wreckless Strangers’ Orange Sky Dream EP

FOLLow WRECKLESS STRANGERS viA: After releasing three albums in the past seven years, Wreckless Strangers release another musical project. The Bay Area-based musical group has just released an Extended Play(EP) following their third studio album. Wreckless Strangers’ new EP, Orange Sky Dream is an environmental protection-themed musical project. The central theme of the EP revolves…

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Slow Motion by HANNAH JOHNSON cover artwork

Hannah Johnson: ‘Slow Motion’ Debut Single

follow HANNAH JOHNSON via: Hannah Victoria Johnson, a burgeoning American singer-songwriter, found her musical calling almost from the cradle, discovering a passion for melodies that led her to wield her first guitar in middle school, a Christmas gift that sparked her songwriting journey. Drawing inspiration from a diverse range of musical icons, including the Jackson…

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