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Jagas: ‘Ma Brésilienne’ Original Single and Video

Ma Brésilienne by Jagas cover artwork

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Jagas, the spirited French musical ensemble, has unveiled their latest single, “Ma Brésilienne” (“My Brazilian”), a vibrant celebration of life. Clocking in at 4 minutes and 29 seconds, this enchanting composition serves as a touching love letter from the vocalist to his Brazilian wife, painting a vivid picture of their deep affection. The tender tones of the accordion intertwine seamlessly with the lush melodies of orchestral violins, complemented by the vocalist’s soaring delivery. Captivating interludes of blues guitar reminiscent of the legendary Carlos Santana weave an irresistible charm, evoking the raw emotions embedded within their relationship.

Jagas 'Ma Brésilienne'   cover

Within the indie music sphere, this track finds a natural home, blending genres effortlessly and making it an adaptable addition to alternative folk playlists. Imagine “Ma Brésilienne” as a poignant soundtrack, fitting for scenes in a Mexican drama like “Amores Perros,” effortlessly adding emotional depth, or perhaps lending its eclectic mix of emotions to a whimsical moment in “El Camino,” seamlessly complementing the storyline.

Moreover, the song serves as an homage to Brazil, the home country of the vocalist’s beloved wife. It reflects the singer’s embrace of Brazil as a second home, where he wholeheartedly embraces the vibrant colors of love and family.

Thomas Jagas by Rosa Gabbert
Thomas Jagas by Rosa Gabbert

Jagas proudly upholds the legacy of dedicated French-language rock and chanson, steering clear from cynicism prevalent in the music landscape. Inspired by revered figures like Mano Solo, Jacques Brel, and Ogres de Barback, Jagas injects a fervently humanistic and joyously spirited essence into the indie music panorama. Rooted in a rich tradition of music and art, Jagas’ music remains a vibrant celebration of life, resonating through their energetic and powerful musical expressions.

In a collision of fervor and artistry, Jagas channels the passion of Mano Solo, the lyrical finesse of Jacques Brel, and the generosity epitomized by Ogres de Barback, creating a unique and impassioned musical fusion.

Accompanying the single is Jagas’ music video for “Ma Brésilienne,” available for viewing on the band’s YouTube channel. For enthusiasts, the track is downloadable on various legal platforms, presenting an opportunity to immerse oneself in this musical gem. Immerse in the sensory journey offered by Jagas through “Ma Brésilienne”; let it weave its magic as the evocative soundtrack to your most cherished musical and visual moments.

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