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PÀPPA D. Announces New Album ‘Swing! The CalBal ’23’

PÀPPA D. "Swing! The CalBal '23."

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PÀPPA D., an independent pianist, takes us on a mesmerizing musical journey with his latest album, “Swing! The CalBal ’23.” This 15-track album is a striking blend of impromptu creativity and a nod to a bygone era, available on all streaming platforms. It’s not just an album; it’s an experience—a fusion of music and dance that pays homage to the enduring style of piano playing. Drawing inspiration from legendary albums like “Kind of Blue,” PÀPPA D. crafts a gem that has sounds deeply within the swing dance and music scenes across the USA and Europe.

The songs within the album act as a musical timeline, guiding the listener through various emotional and atmospheric landscapes. From the longing nostalgia of “Reminischin'” to the lively celebration depicted in “Day’n’Night,” each track paints a vivid sonic picture. One standout is “Hooked On Swing (take1-2-3),” a magical impromptu creation that emerged as a favorite. The album’s journey concludes with “Something from the Old Days,” marking the end of this evocative sojourn into another time and place.

Moreover, “Swing! The CalBal ’23” showcases a significant milestone in his musical career—marking the completion of over 1000 songs since the artist began writing music. With a performance history at prestigious venues such as The Whiskey A Go-Go and Hotel Cafe, as well as appearances on platforms like Sofar Sounds and Breaking Sound, PÀPPA D.’s musical prowess and creativity have been recognized and celebrated.

From the intimate beauty of “The Best Offer” to the infectious allure of “Just Can’t Help It,” “Swing! The CalBal ’23” is a captivating musical tapestry. PÀPPA D. has not only captured the essence of a bygone era but also left an indelible mark on the contemporary music landscape with this evocative release.

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