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French Caviar: ‘Hard For The Money’ Remix Single

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  • “French Caviar: the explosive encounter between two French DJs, Hubert and Jean-Mi. An innovative and bold duo of 2 best friends, skillfully mixing offbeat humor, powerful electro, and diverse musical influences to amaze dancefloors around the world.”

French Caviar, born from the collaboration of Lyon-based DJ friends Jean-Michel Berlier and Hubert Moste in 2022, embodies an eclectic fusion of Disco, Funk, Soul, House, and Rock. Berlier, a significant figure in Lyon’s clubbing scene, boasts a musical history spanning internationally acclaimed venues. Meanwhile, Moste, mentored by Berlier, brings versatility as a classically trained pianist and guitarist who ventured into DJing and founded the Guitar Show concept. This convergence of diverse musical backgrounds and talents defines the distinct sound of French Caviar, injecting innovation and quality into their music.

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French Caviar

Their latest release, “Hard For The Money,” dropped on September 1, 2023, signifying the duo’s evolution since their debut single, “Canto Del Pilón,” on July 28, 2023. This track exemplifies the elegance and sophistication inherent in their music. The duo, representing French finesse, comprises Jean-Mi, a renowned DJ, and Hubert, a multifaceted musician recognized for the DJ Guitar Show concept. While having put out three singles and an EP, “Hard For The Money” emerges as their most exhilarating release yet, a Donna Summer – “She Works Hard For The Money” Nu Disco/House cover/remix.

The original 1983 classic by Donna Summer soared to number 3 on US charts, resonating globally with its vibrant, danceable essence. French Caviar’s rendition takes this energy further, infusing fluttering, cosmic synths, and a pulsating bassline, amplifying its danceability. Their added instrumentation, blending seamlessly with the infectious vocal hook, delivers a captivating amalgamation of disco, dance, electronic pop, creating an irresistibly catchy vibe that rejuvenates the iconic track’s freshness and vitality.

This reimagined version revitalizes the original’s spirit, rendering it more dance-friendly and pulsating, propelling listeners into a realm of disco-infused electronic beats, establishing French Caviar’s knack for refreshing musical adaptations.

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