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Vinnie-Dangerous: ‘Dream ‘Til It’s Over’ Original Album

Dream 'Til It's Over by VINNIE-DANGEROUS cover art


Vinnie-Dangerous, the Fayetteville-born rapper, invites everyone on an introspective series of wrapped-up stories like a gift for everyone with his latest album, “Dream ‘Til It’s Over.” This collection of thirteen tracks serves as a canvas for his raw authenticity, blending relentless lyricism with innovative production.

On this compilation, there’s a head-nodding vibe, reminiscent of 90’s pop-rap, with a beefy style and a hard punch in his voice. Vinnie-Dangerous, originally known as Vincent Dwight Finney, spits bars and deep talks boldly, tackling societal issues and owning up to his deeds. Each track has something unique that kills the boredom often found in one-style albums like others do.

This compilation gives space for breath and switches vibes, offering a full work rich in variety and harmony, leaving you to guess what’s next. From each song title, you get a clue to the song, but the style remains a mystery. With “Dream ‘Til It’s Over,” Vinnie-Dangerous takes you on a journey of self-discovery and growth, showcasing his versatility and talent as a rapper and storyteller.

VINNIE-DANGEROUS sitting on a lawn behind a car

Vinnies tells that this album is the end of my dream trilogy:
i. Yes, I Am A Dreamer (2016)
ii. Dream To Escape Hell (2018)
iii. Dream ‘Til It’s Over (2024)

On that note, let’s delve into the heart of this musical expedition, a random selection:

“Left Alone”:
The album kicks off with “Left Alone,” a hauntingly beautiful track that sets the tone for the entire project. With its introspective lyrics and melancholic beats, Vinnie-Dangerous masterfully paints vivid pictures of self-discovery and isolation. This 4-minute and 57-second song is a powerful reflection on solitude, and it’s clear that Vinnie-Dangerous is pouring his heart out.

Right from the start, the song incorporates a powerful interview snippet, where Vinnie-Dangerous grapples with the consequences of his past actions. He ruminates on what he could’ve done differently and the impact he can make now, even if some things didn’t go as planned. This introspection is a hallmark of the album, and it’s a testament to Vinnie-Dangerous’ growth and maturity as an artist:

”what would you tell the young Vinnie who
won the award classroom for the best you
know what I’m saying written home and
when that teacher told you you should do
this what would Vinnie now tell
that don’t don’t be afraid to put
yourself out there and don’t be afraid
to take chances like I think about you
know now like this is the stuff that”

And the song continues with lyrical Lines like:

“I’m just trying to chill to feed
the fam and pay my bills time to write
these songs want to grab a mic and up my
skills won’t be left alone but these
crackers want to up the Ste won’t be
left alone but these [ __ ] want to up
the still I’m just trying to chill want
to feed the fam and pay my bills time to
write these songs want to gra a mic and
up my skills won’t be left alone but
these crackers want to up the Ste won’t
be left alone but these [ __ ] want to
up the still truth be told I never
wanted to be a rap star …”

“Hell’s On Earth Pt. II”:
A heavy Hip-Hop heavy beat with smooth flows on this one will just make you interested in wanting to know the lyrics. The track literally explores on the darks of the world and how blacks get treated in America. Building on the themes of struggle, this track dives deeper into life’s challenges. Vinnie-Dangerous’s gritty vocals and hard-hitting production deliver a powerful message of resilience.
Lyrical Line: “Their morals up for sale, fight the power is just marketing now.”

“Found My Way”:
A soulful ballad where Vinnie-Dangerous reflects on his journey. Poignant lyrics and lush instrumentation create a heartfelt atmosphere. “Right from the start man, It came right from the heart.”

“Out The Field (ft. Tracy Lamont)”:
Collaborating with Tracy Lamont, Vinnie-Dangerous explores complexities in relationships and personal growth. Smooth vocals and melodic production make this track stand out. “Be consequences of following these fake motherf*kers.”
And Tracy Lamont comes in with: “…Mission people to it. It’s been racking my brain searching for sun but still playing in the rain, everything to lose. You got everything again don’t know who they are without the self-hate…”

“Westside Dead”:
Talking on some wetside experience, the bad, the good and what’s not. Bold production and powerful lyrics leave listeners empowered.
“N**ga wasn’t worth it. Spend all your money on hoes and your grandma gonna lose the house, cause you give it all to the pastor if he’s under service. Now your ribs is touching. You’re all out of options they building our hopes…”

The rest of the tracks are, “Got Me Fucked Up (ft. Saint Pat)” “Kavòn’s Interlude (ft. Poetic Enlightener)” “Do Right,” “I Love You So Much (ft. Jones Michael & Pe)” “Stargazing (ft. Viridian & Eddie Lo)” “Momma’s Cutlass,” “Niggas Gonna Be Ok (ft. Kamus Leonardo)” and “*Bonus* Found My Way [slowed +++ reverb]”

“Dream ‘Til It’s Over” puts together diverse sounds and themes, offering glimpses into Vinnie-Dangerous’s artistic vision and personal experiences. It’s a testament to his creativity and authenticity—a promise of even greater things to come.

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