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“Bad Thing” by Prokalim

"Bad Thing" by Prokalim, cover art


Proklaim, the Namibian rap virtuoso, has once again graced the global music scene with his latest single, “Bad Thing.” Known for his sleek and profound lyrical prowess, Proklaim’s new release is a testament to his consistent evolution as an artist. The track, a March highlight released on the first of the month, is a compact powerhouse at 2 minutes and 38 seconds, encapsulating the essence of a morning session’s summer vibe that sparked its creation.

The song’s genesis lies in an impromptu melodic chorus, born from the upbeat energy of the instrumental that lured Proklaim into a freestyle session at Pen Pushaz Studio. The subsequent verses, recorded with finesse at Audio Art Namibia, carry the narrative of life’s celebration, purpose, and the undying inspiration of music. “Bad Thing” is not just a track; it’s a musical embodiment of motivation, a sonic representation of Proklaim’s powerful voice in the industry.

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As the rhythms of his African roots intertwine with the boldness of urban streets, Proklaim crafts a soundscape that’s both refreshingly original and comfortingly familiar. The track is a lyrical odyssey, with poignant lines like “Rise above the tide, let your heart be your guide,” that echo a universal truth. It’s a musical embrace that encourages listeners to shed their fears and bask in the light of positivity.

Proklaim’s voice, laden with wisdom, rises with an infectious joy that’s hard to resist. The RnB undertones of the track add a layer of smoothness, while the catchy chorus uplifts and energizes. His delivery is a blend of confidence and style, making “Bad Thing” a standout piece in his discography. This song is not just another release; it’s a milestone that marks Proklaim’s journey and his unwavering dedication to his craft. It’s a celebration, an anthem, and a beacon of hope, all rolled into one melodious experience.

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