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Stephen Altschuler: ‘What I Feel For You”

Stephen What I Feel For You

“What I Feel For You” a song from Stephen Altschuler that honors romantic love in all its tenderness, fullness, vulnerability, and sensitivity. Some want nothing to do with it because of those qualities. But others pine for its entrance. Either way, love does indeed make the world go round.

what’s special?

To tell the truth, I can’t remember when exactly I wrote the song. I’ve had many relationships and am now in my third marriage. But with each relationship and each marriage, I gave, and now give, it my all. I held nothing back, and that’s not an easy thing for a human being to do.

Why? It’s risky. When you open and lay bare the heart, the heart becomes open to the possibility of hurt, and a hurt heart is like no other hurt. But the reward of opening the heart is often worth the risk. That’s why, I believe, more people open their hearts to love than avoid such openness altogether.

Stephen’s song works, because it speaks directly to that heart that is willing to try, to attempt, to risk, to take that step beyond the unknown territory of romantic love. It’s also pleasing to the ear with tune and lyrics that conjure familiar feelings and experiences.


How was the song? Let us have your honest view and probably share the fun.

Enjoy. Share it. Reflect upon it. And, as Maude told Harold, “Take a chance!”

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