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Worth Writing Home About: Minda Lacy

Worth Writing Home About BY Minda Lacy cover artwork

FolLow Minda Lacy viA:

Worth Writing Home About is an excellent example of Minda Lacy’s talent and originality as a folk singer-songwriter. Using her unique and playful lyrical style, Minda evokes strong emotions and creates a sense of nostalgia among listeners.

Minda’s soulful vocals and guitar take center stage in this new song. Additionally, Luke Anthony’s adept harmonica skills and backup vocals perfectly complement to the song. Minda and Luke’s musical collaboration is a great example of how well they work together as artists.

The duo first met in Portland, Oregon, when Minda interviewed Luke for her corn-themed radio show. Soon, they discovered a shared passion for music and began collaborating. Their collaborations drew inspiration from a variety of artists, including Tom Waits, Devendra Banhart, and Big Thief. Notably, their unique blend of folk, psychedelia and humour is truly outstanding and worth noting.

The song was recorded at Shed Sounds Studios in Pennsylvania, a spontaneous opportunity that fell into their laps during their cross-country tour. The decision to record directly to tape adds a warm and unique texture to the single.

Inspiration Behind Worth Writing Home About

The song was inspired by a fleeting thought that came to Minda when she pondered the phrase, “An ass worth writing home about.” A meme about preferences in watching “Lord of the Rings” further fueled her creativity. The result is a song that humorously explores love and the hope that everyone has something worth writing home about.

Minda Lacy has been a well-known figure in the Portland music scene. She’s played at notable venues like the Holocene and for artists like Dan Bern. Her previous work, particularly the 2017 album “Worms,” has received critical acclaim for its beauty, humor, and magical qualities. Record Crates United described the album as music that “touches you like a cool ocean breeze.” Worth Writing Home About encapsulates the duo’s ability to infuse honesty, subtlety, and playful wit into their music.

Picture of Minda Lacy

As Minda and Luke continue their cross-country journey, this music stands out as a memorable addition to their repertoire. The song’s traditional folk style, coupled with Minda Lacy’s witty lyricism, creates an unforgettable listening experience that worth mentioning.

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